High Performance Marketing & Sales Operations for Smaller Companies. Affordably.

We deliver affordable access to the specialized people, business processes, data & technology that are typically beyond the reach of smaller companies.


For what it'll cost you to hire a single mid-to-senior level marketing employee . . . we can deliver your plan, data, technology and the experienced people you'll need to oversee & run your new marketing operation.



We use a proven "Big Picture" planning process (which takes as little at a day or two) -- followed by a comprehensive assessment of your data, your people, your technology, your marketing & sales processes.

Finally, we document specific customer relationship objectives for your coming financial year -- along with the strategies, tactics & budgets you'll follow. All managed using our proprietary Campaign Management System.

Customer Data Platform

Refined marketing data is imperative to a marketing and/or sales automation initiative, without it, failure is almost certain. Problem is, few smaller companies possess the kind of people that can produce the kind of data needed to be successful.

Marketing Operations

We've seen smaller companies spend 10's of thousands on technology totally new to them -- and consultants whom they didn't understand. Then, turn over a marketing automation, or CRM system over to a complete unqualified and untrained junior employee.

Sales Operations

We've seen smaller companies spend as much as $50K on technology & consultants -- only to turn these sophisticated systems over to junior employees and assistants to operate.

Why outsource to a specialized service provider like Managed Marketing?

Guaranteed Results.

While our guarantees vary based on what kind of services you buy -- we guarantee results because we won't do business with clients who aren't committed to establishing measurable objectives.

Reduced Cost.

Managed Marketing delivers all of the planning, processes, people and technology your company needs to be successful -- for about what it would cost you to hire a single full time Senior Level Marketing Executive.

Time to Value.

Measurably more! We deliver measurably more effective marketing in 90-days (or less) -- measurably more productive sales in 6-months (or less) and measurably more satisfied customers in 1-year.

Sophisticated Solution.

You'll have capabilities in the first 6-months -- that most companies don't have till their 2nd or 3rd year of operation.

Contrary to popular belief -- smaller companies actually have a decided advantage (vs. larger companies) when it comes to deploying CRM. Because they're smaller and have far fewer formal processes in place -- it's much easier for smaller companies to embrace and deploy transformative CRM.

. . . and yet, smaller companies fail with CRM initiatives at a very high rate -- some estimate their failure at over 75%.

Why do they fail so frequently? A few reasons.

First, they lack experienced CRM professionals on-staff.

Second, these smaller companies are being told by CRM technology companies that their software is SO EASY TO USE, that they don't need specialized people on-staff.

Our Proven Process

After building & operating nearly 2-dozen CRM systems over the past 13-years -- many of them with Marketing Automation facilities built-in.

Business Process Automation

Business process automation -- a concept that was completely foreign to smaller companies just a few years ago -- and now, Managed Marketing is making it a reality every day.

Specialized CRM Staff -- On Demand

We deliver up to 12 distinct CRM functions, as follows:

-CRM Director

-CRM Sys. Admin

-CRM Sys. Dev

-CRM Consultant

-Data Specialist (hygiene/integration)

-Business Analyst


-Mkt. Automation System Manager

-Marketing Campaign Manager

-Marketing Coordinator

-Social Media Mgr.

-Art Director*