We Deliver High Performance Marketing & Sales Operations for Smaller Companies.

Managed Marketing specializes in delivering affordable Planning, Technology & Operational Support to companies ready to follow a path to greater focus, control & accountable revenue growth.

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The world has become so fast paced that people don’t want to stand by reading a page of info

Exportable Data Sets

Adwords Keyword research for beginners When you embark on your first PPC journey.

Exportable Data Sets

Photographs are a way of preserving a moment in our lives for the rest of our lives. Many of us have.

Content Customization

Adwords Keyword research for beginners When you embark on your first PPC journey.

Automation Workflows

Photographs are a way of preserving a moment in our lives for the rest of our lives. Many of us have.


For about what it’ll cost you to hire a single mid-level marketing manager . . .

Four reasons to OUTSOURCE as much of your MARKETING as you can:

No Long Term Investment.

On average, the marketing industry estimates that is costs about $750K to $1.5M a year to fully staff a modern digital marketing department.

Outsourcing allows you to put that investment off for as long as you want — forever, if that’s the course you decide to take.

When you outsource, you don’t need to make any full-time staff additions, lease any new office space, or pay for new salaries, benefits or training.

What you get are precisely the people you need to plan for, build, operate & optimize your sophisticated new marketing automation system.

Dramatically Reduced Cost.

There are (at least) twelve distinct skill-sets you’ll need to add to your team to be succeed. But you won’t necessarily need a full time person for each core function.

If you’re lucky — you might find some people who can perform multiple functions. But what typically happens is that key skill-sets (like CRM Director, Business Analyst and CRM System Administrator) get ignored.

When you Outsource, nothing gets ignored — you get all of the specialists you need to be successful.

Reduced Time to Value.

Our assessment, planning, implementation and operation specialists accomplish in weeks what it would take months for most in-house teams to produce.

We’ll get you up & running faster — producing marketing that is measurably more effective — in as little as 90-days.

Get it Right the First Time.

You don’t need to make a single full-time staff addition — no long term commitment to new employees, benefits, training, etc. When you outsource, you get experts who are ready to hit the ground running — and who you will have available to you, on-demand, whenever you need them.

We’re experienced Customer Relationship Marketing Professionals (e.g. CRM Directors, System Administrators & Developers, Analysts, Marketing Automation Mangers, Creative Agency Executives, and more) we’ve been doing CRM planning, CRM system design and implementation — and CRM system operation for clients (large and small) for more than a decade now.

. . . and while we make our living delivering services — we’re VERY MUCH interested in helping smaller companies avoid the pitfalls that bring failure to so many of their (an estimated 65%) CRM initiatives.

Here on our website, we encourage you to pose any CRM related question that you need help with. Your question(s) will instantly be routed to one of our Principal Consultants — we’ll quickly respond to your inquiry — and if you want, we’ll even pose your question to our network of CRM professionals to get their take on your question(s) as well.

We’re especially good at helping to point you in the right direction, and put you in touch with the CRM resources you need — even if they don’t come from us..

Based on our long experience in the CRM industry — we’ve come to realize that the main reason smaller companies fail at CRM is their lack specialized expertise on-staff.

Further, because smaller companies don’t have the resources to make multiple full time hires — they tend to expect a single staff member to be able to handle the entire CRM operation.

The Managed Marketing solution is to deliver multiple CRM experts ON A PART TIME/FRACTIONAL BASIS for about what it costs our customers to make a single full time hire.

Why outsource to a CRM agency like Managed Marketing?

Smaller organizations have been using outside marketing agenciesrelied on outside support — to help them with their marketing. They’ve been hir

Guaranteed Results.

While our guarantees vary based on what kind of services you buy — we guarantee results because we won’t do business with clients who aren’t committed to establishing measurable objectives.

Reduced Cost.

Managed Marketing delivers all of the planning, processes, people and technology your company needs to be successful — for about what it would cost you to hire a single full time Senior Level Marketing Executive.

Time to Value.

Measurably more! We deliver measurably more effective marketing in 90-days (or less) — measurably more productive sales in 6-months (or less) and measurably more satisfied customers in 1-year.

Sophisticated Solution.

You’ll have capabilities in the first 6-months — that most companies don’t have till their 2nd or 3rd year of operation.

Contrary to popular belief — smaller companies actually have a decided advantage (vs. larger companies) when it comes to deploying CRM. Because they’re smaller and have far fewer formal processes in place — it’s much easier for smaller companies to embrace and deploy transformative CRM.

. . . and yet, smaller companies fail with CRM initiatives at a very high rate — some estimate their failure at over 75%.

Why do they fail so frequently? A few reasons.

First, they lack experienced CRM professionals on-staff.

Second, these smaller companies are being told by CRM technology companies that their software is SO EASY TO USE, that they don’t need specialized people on-staff.

Our Proven Process

After building & operating nearly 2-dozen CRM systems over the past 13-years — many of them with Marketing Automation facilities built-in.

Business Process Automation

Business process automation — a concept that was completely foreign to smaller companies just a few years ago — and now, Managed Marketing is making it a reality every day.

Specialized CRM Staff — On Demand

We deliver up to 12 distinct CRM functions, as follows:

-CRM Director

-CRM Sys. Admin

-CRM Sys. Dev

-CRM Consultant

-Data Specialist (hygiene/integration)

-Business Analyst


-Mkt. Automation System Manager

-Marketing Campaign Manager

-Marketing Coordinator

-Social Media Mgr.

-Art Director*