We deliver high performance CRM capabilities for smaller companies . . .

Managed Marketing provides the expert people — the business processes & the technology needed to succeed at CRM.

The Problem that we Solve:

Smaller companies fail with CRM initiatives at a very high rate — some estimate failure at over 75%.

Why do they fail so frequently? A few reasons.

First, they lack experienced CRM professionals on-staff.

Second, these smaller companies are being told by CRM technology companies that their software is SO EASY TO USE, that they don’t need specialized people on-staff.

Our Proven Process

After building & operating nearly 2-dozen CRM systems over the past 13-years (many of them with built-in Marketing Automation — we’ve come up with a process

Business Process Automation

Business process automation — a concept that was completely foreign to smaller companies just a few years ago — and now, Managed Marketing is making it a reality every day.

Specialized CRM Staff — On Demand

We deliver up to 12 distinct CRM functions, as follows:

-CRM Director

-CRM Sys. Admin

-CRM Sys. Dev

-CRM Consultant

-Data Specialist (hygiene/integration)

-Business Analyst

-Mkt. Automation System Manager

-Marketing Campaign Manager

-Marketing Coordinator

-Social Media Mgr.

-Art Director