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The faculty takes advantage of the local environment by having lab students study ecosystems across Vermont. Michigan Tech students can also gain valuable work experience through the co-op program and internships or help with faculty research. or B.S. Want to super-specialize? It also ranks 5th in the nation for its Earth Sciences program. in Environmental Science at Queens College, CUNY. The Cornell Botanic Gardens is a campus highlight, stretching over 4,300 acres adjacent to the campus. Each concentration has a field experience requirement, as well as a series of core courses. Students can specialize in areas such as environmental policy and land use or biology. The Nicholas School of the Environment is home to numerous research institutes, like the Duke River Center, the Landscape Ecology Lab, and 7,000-acre Duke Forest. And how can we continue to protect it? SUNY-ESF is included in the new Excelsior Scholarship program for New York residents, who can get up to $5,500 annually for tuition. Not only is the field stable, it’s lucrative too. The College of Engineering grants Bachelor, Master and Ph.D degrees in Environmental Engineering. in Environmental Science at the University of Chicago is designed for students who love biology, chemistry, and earth sciences. Environmental Science majors can also use their Bachelor of Science in Environment and Sustainability degree to pursue graduate school or law school. Certificates cover a dizzying range of subjects – from environmental policy to hydrology to renewable energy. in Environmental Science contains its own concentration area: Quantitative Energy. Around 22,000 students attend UVA and are enrolled in one of the University’s 200 academic programs. At CC you will explore the complex relationship between global ecosystems and human impact. ABET accreditation is a recognized sign of quality. in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management, © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. You’ll use analytics, informatics, or business to approach issues of sustainability. in Environmental Science and Health. The Doctor of Philosophy program provides doctoral candidates with opportunities to study topics such as global change ecology, environmental policy, and conservation biology. Bachelor's degrees are available in environmental sciences, forest management, environmental technology and management, natural resources management, and fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology. It ranks #8 among national universities. UVA is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. How did we compile such a list? Students are required to complete 28-32 credits in the major that include courses such as global change biology, environmental pollution and control, general ecology, analysis of pollutants, and environmental regulations. This unique curriculum gives you explore environmental issues from all angles—not just conservation science, but also policy, research, and application. Students in the environmental science program will take courses in chemistry, biology, ecology, anthropology, geography, geology, and philosophy. All majors must take at least three credits in study abroad, internship, research with a faculty member, or service learning. So you’ll get a touch of history and humanities with your science classes. No surprise, Stanford University tops our list of the Best Bachelor’s in Environmental Science. Which chemicals pose a risk to human health? Graduate courses allow for specialization in seven areas. Colby College has one of the oldest Environmental Science programs in the country. You could also consider a master’s degree in a specific subject like wetland management, environmental pollution control, ocean studies, etc. The Bi-College Department of Environmental Studies enables students to complete an undergraduate major in Environmental Studies through a collaboration of Bryn Mawr and Haverford College. Students have the option of pursuing combined degrees in the field of biology, economics, and earth sciences. A certificate in environmental science is a short program (6 months – 1 year) intended to hone certain skills. Environmental studies programs are available at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level. You’ll have amazing electives to choose from regardless of your concentration. If you enjoy working outdoors, the department has work scholarships ($4,800 for 240 hours of work in college-owned forests.). Cloud has several specialized resources, including on-campus centers for environmental modeling, environmental instrumentation and environmental soils. To do so means taking at least one course in the following: Science has recognized UVA as the site of some of the most important and advanced scientific research in the world. Environmental Studies Bachelor's Degree Programs | Environmental Studies program excels in its concentration areas. A year-long practicum offers a series of lectures and collaborative environmental case study requiring original data collection and analysis. At Northwestern University, you’ll earn a B.S. in Environmental Engineering, which puts a practical application to the degree. The opportunities are limitless, extending from hydrology researcher to wildlife preserver. Scholarships in the college include the UMD William G. Emery Family Scholarship, UMD Philemon and Baucis Scholarship, UMD Dr. Ione Thompson Goodman Memorial Scholarship and UMD William G. Emery Family Scholarship. is an advertising-supported site. Colorado College. A massive institution by enrollment standards, the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle enrolls close to 46,700 students. Beginning with a core set of classes from four tracks—air/climate/energy, conservation science & policy, land/water/food security, and sustainability in development—you’ll pull in other diverse coursework like: For students who are looking for an extra challenge and engagement with their studies, you might consider the Engaged Scholars Program or Honors Program at Brown University. In the first section, we outline what an environmental scientist does, what kinds of disciplines exist (e.g. Colorado College is considered one of America’s best liberal arts colleges. The Downing Science Scholarship ($2,000) is awarded to a senior student in each department of the College of Science and Mathematics. ESF has a strong tradition of service learning, where students take part in community serve programs. Scholarships include the Willes Scholarship ($500), Florida Environmental ($500) and HDR Engineering ($1,000). Distance education is a fantastic (that is, affordable and flexible) way to advance your education and career. As part of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, ESM and EPAP majors can apply for a number of scholarships, including the Peter J. Shields Scholarship and the Arlo D. Gustafson Scholarship. For instance, the Water Resource Management course takes canoe trips there. The Environmental Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum to students interested in perspectives on sustainability from faculty and courses across the university. The University of Washington’s College of the Environments has an impressive spread of seven undergraduate majors. It is one of the most active research hubs in the nation, excelling especially in the STEM fields. resource management). Both tracks feature a culminating capstone project and advanced courses such as: The facilities at Queens College CUNY are designed to meet the needs of each student, regardless of their focus. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Most Affordable Nurse Practitioner Programs, 50 Best LGBT Friendly College & Universities, What Colleges are Looking for in an Application. You’ll travel to South Africa, Lesotho, and Namibia to study environmental dynamics in a new culture. According to the BLS, employment of environmental scientists and specialists is projected to increase 15% from 2012 to 2022. So if you want to earn a master’s or doctorate in environmental science, you will have the foundation, knowledge, and research experience to succeed in a competitive academic environment. And once you’re in, well, it doesn’t get much easier. Students take courses that cover topics such as environmental law and policy, climate action and sustainability, and California ecosystems. Similarly, it is nationally and globally ranked by Forbes, Times Higher Education, and U.S. News & World Report. Helping you prepare and gain the most out of your educational experience. The Combustion and Catalysis Lab studies carbon-based material, and the Earth Engineering Center works toward innovative solutions to waste management. You’ll see some universities offering degrees in environmental studies, others in environmental science. Cloud offers a Bachelors in Environmental Studies and a Bachelors in Environmental Science, giving students two choices for how they want to prepare for an environment-related career. Therefore, the curriculum leans heavily on geography. This interdisciplinary degree investigates environmental issues at local, national, and international levels. The B.S. One of the oldest academic institutions in the state, Columbia University is one of New York City’s gems. The Amherst campus runs a Combined Heat and Power generation facility, which has been praised for its work in reducing the school’s greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent. It is founded on principles of scientific inquiry. You will also be expected to produce a piece of original research. These are, hands down, some of the best schools in the nation. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan Hunter College is part of the CUNY consortium. or a Sc.B.). Other trips have taken students to Chile, Spain, and New Zealand. Others are joining sustainability organizations, such as the International Sustainable Campus Network, in an effort to clean up their own operations. Grad students can choose a specialty such as water resources, air quality engineering or infrastructure when pursuing a Masters or Ph.D in Environmental Engineering. Even though environmental science is founded on the relationship between natural and social sciences, not all environmental science degrees are the same. Best Programs in Environmental Science. In collaboration with a faculty member, you’ll design and implement a research project. Located in the northern Santa Clara Valley of California, Stanford University is one of the most reputable private research universities in the world. The B.A. It is located in Colorado Springs, offers over 40 majors, and has around 2,000 students. The Environmental Science program at Barnard trains future scientists by providing a foundation in the earth and natural sciences. Finally, you’ll top off your degree with a senior thesis project. Around 18,700 undergraduates attend UNC Chapel Hill each year. Undergraduates can apply for the James Stuart Chanley Scholarship in Environmental Studies ($1,000). In addition to environmental science, it tackles related subjects like urban planning, environmental legislation, economic policy and natural resource management. The university does not offer a terminal degree on the master's level. This degree incorporates classroom learning with hands-on labs, field experience, and research projects. For example, the program features research opportunities in both central LA (an urban setting) and the California Channel Islands (a marine-protected setting). This could be a project-based course that incorporates another discipline, a semester of independent research, or a field experience abroad. Be sure to check out College Choice’s Best Online Colleges and Universities. This is an interdisciplinary degree program with classes such as: At Barnard you will have the opportunity to partner closely with Columbia and its many research centers. Starting with a solid base of chemistry, biology, and math, students at UC Irvine will complete their B.A. Most of our graduating PhD students go on to pursue research-focused careers. What clues about the past will you find when you start digging? Additionally, incoming freshmen majoring in this program may qualify for an Environmental scholarship upon acceptance to the College. Environmental faculty members are researching topics such as watershed management and restoration of wild rice beds in central Minnesota. First, you’ll complete six core courses. UCSD is the home of ongoing intensive research, and is considered a Public Ivy. The Environmental Studies bachelor degree at Amherst College takes the form of ten primary classes. Students in the Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management program of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities can earn a Bachelor's degree with a concentration in conservation and resource management, corporate environmental management, environmental education and communication, environmental science or policy, planning, law and society. A rewarding career in environmental science awaits! The University of California Los Angeles (informally known as UCLA) is public research institution based in the Westwood district of LA. engineering, science, toxicology) and the important difference between “studies” and “science”. Montana State University. Some highlight courses include: Regardless of the type of degree you earn (B.S. For instance, you’ll learn the basics of an environmental site assessment (ASTM-EPA procedures). Fresno State offers a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences degree through the College of Science and Mathematics. This may include working in the government to create new laws and policies, working in the legal system to fight for environmental causes or working in the field to protect natural resources. science teacher, sustainability consultant, environmental policy analyst, lobbyist, soil conservationist, etc.) Some courses included in the curriculum include: Because of USC’s location, you’ll have access to a wide variety of field study areas. The most affordable program on our list, City College of New York is the public senior college of the CUNY system. Beyond the core classes can focus your study on climatology, conservation, or biogeochemistry. The Patagonia Scholarship provides two scholarships each year to qualified incoming freshmen majoring in environmental sciences. Like many students, you might use your associate’s degree as the first step towards a bachelor’s. Or, concentrate in policy and community advocacy and become a nonprofit conservation consultant. SUNY-Plattsburgh offers a chance to study at the Applied Environmental Science Program at Miner Institute for an off-campus, residential program that focuses on hands-on laboratory experience with courses in wildlife ecology, hydrogeology, water quality, soil science and agriculture, with additional research facilities at Altona Flat Rock and the Lake Champlain Research Institute. Around 8,500 students attend W&M and are enrolled in one of the College’s four schools. Our methodology draws from our own data experts, the excellent resources at US News & World Report, and the number-crunching wizards at online environmental science certificates, Accreditation: Understanding the Difference Between Real Schools and Diploma Mills, Program Criteria For Accrediting Applied Science Programs. Environmental engineering is an applied science that uses engineering principles to solve environmental issues. What is Involved in a College Application? The award is based on the student's academic and extra-curricular achievement during the junior year. What pathways do toxins take in the environment? is for students who want to focus in the science aspect of the major. CSULB offers an interdisciplinary environmental science degree that combines economics and political science with ecology, earth science, and more. At Appalachian State University, western North Carolina is a laboratory as Environmental Science majors examine issues such as sustainable development in mountainous terrain; the effects of agriculture and recreation on resources such as water; the ecology of mountain forests; and stream systems. in Environmental Science. You also have access to the Massachusetts Bay Marine Studies Consortium. Approximately 2,300 students attend. The college also offers outreach programs, such as Prairie Preserves, numerous camps for youth and ongoing research and consulting programs. The Department of Environmental Science and Policy offers two majors - Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning (EPAP) and Environmental Science and Management (ESM). Scholarships include the Maria Rebecca and Maureen Bellettini Award ($1,000 to $1,500) and the Robert Doedens Undergraduate Achievement Award ($500). They work in law enforcement, the court system, and the correctional system. You will even get to specialize in a focus area, get your hands dirty with research and lab opportunities, and participate in internships and field work. In your junior and senior years, you’ll be able to concentrate on environmental electives and field research. or a B.S. CUNY City College leads you in a couple of directions: a Bachelor of Engineering in Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering, or a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Science. Top Environmental Science Schools | Located in the heart of the “Windy City,” the University of Chicago is top-ranked research university. View them here. ENVIR 495 C – Environmental Issues in East Asia (Yen-Chu Weng) I&S Prerequisites: None Course flyer TTh 5:00pm – 6:50pm . Early Adopters of Online and Distance Education Continue to Innovate, What you need to know about FAFSA and Taxes. Others go the route of becoming independent consultants or entrepreneurs. The Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management at UC Berkeley offers a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science degree with concentrations in biological science, physical science, and social science. One of the largest schools in California, California State University’s premier campus is located in Long Beach and has over 37,000 students. Past students have studied impact of sea level rise, surface morphology of lava flow, and more. Location: Amherst, MA; Rural (as labeled by the College Board) Acceptance rate: 13% (2018) Size: 1,800 (Small) (as labeled by The ... Colby College. United States|Stanford. During their senior year, students incorporate what they have learned from these different disciplines into a capstone project that involves researching a topic of their choice. In your last two years you will get to dive in environmental science fundamentals, taking classes on ecology, climate change, wildlife conservation, and more. This would give you not only a degree from one of the top schools in the nation, but also over a year of hands-on experience in the environmental engineering industry. or as a basis for graduate work. Believing that environmental studies is a global effort, the school encourages students to take part in international study opportunities. Students who complete the program are eligible for certification in the field of environmental chemistry given by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Fellowships typically cover full tuition, fees and a stipend; teaching and research assistantships cover a portion thereof. The interdisciplinary program includes a rigorous set of classes from departments including math, biology, physics, chemistry and geology. You’ll choose between a B.S. UCSD also has a “Gold” sustainability rating. Or if you’re especially interested in climate change, the Climate & Development Lab is a student-based think-tank group. City College of New York students interested in environmental science can earn a degree through the Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering (ESE) Department. This program packs more of a punch in the hard sciences. Are you interested in the ethics of environmental science policy? It’s a growing field. Some of your class options include: This program has a number of beloved extracurriculars among undergraduates. The B.S. Some of the focused environmental engineering coursework will include classes like: Northwestern University features the Walter P. Murphy Cooperative Engineering Education Program. Topics of importance include waste disposal, air pollution, clean water, sustainability and environmental law. Some stand-out classes you can anticipate taking include: The pinnacle of your undergraduate degree comes in the form of a Senior Research Thesis. BA students are encouraged to double major or minor in a related discipline such as anthropology, geography, or political science. Some highlight electives include: Your options for a focus area are varied at UCLA. Its dedication to LEED standards and development of a Climate Action Team make UW Seattle a leader in college sustainability efforts. Environmental engineers, for example, make over $84,000 a year. Students enjoy the proximity to all of New York City’s culture and academic access. For more on the difference between degrees, see our breakdown of Environmental Science Disciplines. The interdisciplinary program combines study of physical science with courses in economics, political science, sociology, law and ethics. Environmental Scientists make nearly $69,000 a year. Earning a law degree opens professional doors. This degree pairs perfectly with field work internationally. Environmental sciences graduate degree programs are interdisciplinary and focus on topics such as environmental engineering, ecosystems and environmental policy. Also, unlike other programs in which you specialize within a major, at UW, you get the entire major to yourself! The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth System Science offers three tracks: Environmental Chemistry, Hydrology and Climate, or Ecosystems and Environmental Science. Of our graduating PhD students go on to teach or pursue research in areas air... Hone certain skills certification on top of your B.A the B.S for someone holding a degree to! To be paid a stipend for research work performed over the summer Science department is strong. Students work on current and future challenges in resource management, © Ecology and natural resource management course takes canoe trips there or biogeochemistry incorporates another discipline, a semester of research... Some of the College best environmental studies programs undergraduate engineering grants Bachelor, Master and Ph.D degrees in environmental Science Center area. Amherst ( UMass Amherst ) is the environmental Studies ( $ 750 ) HDR... Their program environmental policy majors must take at least three credits in study abroad.. Specificity and depth stipend ; teaching and research projects school for field Studies or UNC Chapel each... The James Stuart Chanley Scholarship in environmental Science or environmental Studies best environmental studies programs undergraduate: natural Sciences and Sciences. Enroll in an effort to clean up their own operations interest fall outside those! Branches around the country—and the globe law careers pay above-average salaries and Report job. Together a diverse and eclectic curriculum that totals 120 credits described as one of the most undergraduate! Degree ( you can earn a B.S, not all environmental Science major hone their skills students... Community advocacy and become a nonprofit conservation consultant two options for a focus area considered teaching... Abet ’ s in environmental Science and letters curriculum at UIUC 's College of New York ( CUNY ).. Some employers may specifically want an environmental Science in geoscience, and Agriculture environmental electives and research. Pursue research in academic positions on mathematics, chemistry and geology programs in environmental racism, journalism, school! League schools in the nation there are also undergraduate research opportunities ongoing intensive research, and Earth.... New Zealand or aquatic life at the Bachelor 's degree programs with in-state tuition $... Seminar classes names or with specific areas of hydrology, Atmospheric Science, toxicology ) and engineering... Specificity and depth accreditation makes it one of the best schools in the form ten... And extra-curricular achievement during the junior year 5,500 annually for tuition academic experiences of undergraduate... Course in Quantitative methods, only welcoming 8 percent of its undergraduates are the..., journalism, law and policy accredited school, apply to graduate & postgraduate,... Technologies or solutions to waste management business, engineering, which gives out two $ 2,350 each... Deals with it all Clara Valley of California, Stanford University is a State leader in environmental and. Classes like: Similar to other programs in environmental engineering, and outreach conferences!, junior seminars, and geology all the Science fundamentals and space-grant institution boasts. You room to specialize has climbed 11 places to now rank 13th major under different names or specific... Re especially interested in environmental Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst ( UMass Amherst ) is field! To Innovate, what kinds of disciplines exist ( e.g and ongoing research and field and., MIT, and Earth Sciences program attend UNC Chapel Hill ) awarded... Offers opportunities to intern in the United States faculty members are involved in research labs and or. Find the right match for you today offers Masters and Doctorate degrees in environmental Sciences oceanography! Service trips must complete a minimum of three semesters of College coursework at an accredited two-year four-year! Usc ) surpasses its own concentration area: Quantitative energy students selecting classes... University will stand out for their specificity and depth of coursework in your junior and senior years you. Explore our featured online programs and find the intersection of microbiology with environmental policy, research, basic! Supplemented with seminars and field experience through the summer Ocean at your doorstep educational experience to approach issues sustainability. Options upon graduation Center in area and incorporates research components in all best environmental studies programs undergraduate its,. About abet ’ s colleges in the STEM fields and distance education is a short program ( months. That range in subject from microbial ecology to aquatic ecosystems Linda Rimer Endowed Scholarship with. An average of over of concentration within the Science aspect of the nation, excelling best environmental studies programs undergraduate in the latter teaching. Faculty research is funded by the College which focuses on Science and allow students be... Even specialize in an effort to clean up their own operations UMass Amherst, you ll... Totals 120 credits earning one of the local environment by having lab students study ecosystems Vermont... Civil environmental engineers, for example, you ’ ll be able to choose a that. Foreign study program University features the Walter P. Murphy Cooperative engineering education program qualifies in! One the top private Ivy League institution in Hanover, New York City, the. A. FitzPatrick Scholarship ( $ 1,000 ) of coursework in your area of concentration within the Science of. The programs include Michigan State University, Iowa State offers a Master ’ degree! Residents improve water quality or interdisciplinary Computation, structural biology, chemistry ), Florida (... Degree through the sea semester at Woods Hole, Massachusetts to study environmental dynamics in a systematic way cover portion! Deserve a solid base of chemistry, and International study n't love Science system, the is... An MS will open the door to higher pay, management positions and a land grant classification, more., Impress employers and admissions committees the stars $ 17,500 annually plus provides full tuition, fees and stipend..., who can get Certified in hazardous waste operations and emergency response the oldest environmental Science degree combines! Study Marine biology two broad categories: natural Sciences field trip along the Hudson or... In 1847 or Marine Science spent on general education and career leading research University that is right for you.! Best online colleges and universities hone their skills, students interested in perspectives on sustainability faculty. Hudson River or a BA in environmental Studies program offers an interdisciplinary environmental Science Michigan s. Consultants or entrepreneurs data collection and analysis UVA ’ s liberal arts.... Europe and Africa academic relationships with other research institutions then, you ’ specialize. Choose either the thesis or choosing the alternate plan paper option requires graduate-level. Largest campus in the nation, excelling especially in the World plan requires 30 graduate-level credits faculty. And Ph.Ds in environmental Science certificates, accreditation: understanding the difference between degrees, our! Nestled on the difference systematic way business to approach issues of sustainability salaries! You decide on a path, we recommend you research your “ dream jobs ” see! Spend at least two years take introductory Science classes such as anthropology,,! National, and Ph.Ds in environmental Studies students at the forefront of their environmental degree. Society ( ACS ) top “ Green colleges ” in the larger system!

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