About Us

We started a new kind of CRM service company — because smaller companies have been getting ripped-off.


While our competitor routinely charge from $200.00 to $450.00/hour — our highest hourly rate is $150.00/hour (and for that you get one of our two Principal/Consultants on-site).

Otherwise, our going rate is $100.00/hour whether you need a CRM Director, a System Developer or Admin — whatever you need.

Experienced (deeply).

Each of our two Principal/ Consultants has 30+ years of Customer-Focused marketing & sales operations experience — and you will work closely with one (or both) of us.

We don’t hand client relationships over to Junior Associates — while we’re off playing golf (although we do like to get out and play golf on occasion).

We closely monitor & manage every single customer relationship. You’ll talk to a Principal/Consultant at least weekly to be updated on operations and results — probably more.

One click away.

Most of the work we will be doing for you will be delivered remotely — that’s a BIG part of how we keep costs so low.

But we’re never more than a mouse click away — we use Salesforce technology — along with several others for screen-sharing, teleconferencing, chatting, texting and more.

Recent industry studies have show that remote ’employees’ are 3X more productive!

Our culture of accountability.

We’ve been preaching and delivering a discipline of marketing & sales ACCOUNTABILITY for decades — long before it was the fashionable thing to do.

We’ve walked away from clients that aren’t genuinely prepared to be held accountable for the return on their marketing, sales & service operations investment.


39190 Devonshire Ct., Harrison Twp., MI 48045